Ductless Cooling & Heating Systems


These systems work best in smaller spaces such as sunrooms, bedrooms, and small offices that need individual temperature control. Spot cooling or heating is easy with these 115V heat pumps, no special wiring required.

The 208-230V systems can be installed anywhere in your home, the larger capacities can handle bigger areas, while still operating much quieter than a window a/c unit and more energy efficient than a central heating or cooling system. Cool or heat only the areas you want. Don’t waste energy on rooms that are not occupied.


Our Single-Zone Mid Tier systems offer the same feature-packed standard options as our Entry Tier systems, but with better energy efficiency ratings. Many local utility companies and state programs offer rebates on select ENERGY STAR® qualified units to encourage customers to invest in energy efficient ductless mini-split systems.


Zoned cooling and heating saves on energy throughout your home! One outdoor unity can power from 2 to 4 indoor, units and each zone can be controlled independently for maximum comfort! Ductless technology is much more efficient than central air, where duct losses can account for up to 30% of your energy bill.